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German International Cooperation with Iraq
Invitation for Bids
German “Credit Facility to assist the Return of IDP’s” in Iraq

Through engineering and technical staff,...

Through engineering and technical staff, Directorate of roads and bridges in Karbala implement a number of tasks for emergency maintenance of roads and bridges in the province to serve people and t

Through the engineering staff in Karbala, Roads...

Through the engineering staff in Karbala, Roads and bridges directorate completed Ahmed bin Al-Qasim road in the Al-Husseinieh in long of 3 km and at a cost exceeding 762 million dinars.

Engineer Essam Abbas, the general director of...

Engineer Essam Abbas, the general director of roads and bridges directorate, meets with delegation of the World Bank to discuss the implementation of the rehabilitation of Highway NO.1\VII and VIII

Through engineering and technical staff in...

, Through engineering and technical staff in karbala , Roads -and bridges directorate on oversees maintenance Fatima al alzahra road in length 2.75 kilometer of each corridor and in width of 10 met

SCRB State Commission for Roads and Bridges Consists of the following Departments

Planning and designs:

- Involving employees of the Authority in courses outside the body for the development of its staff as the number of courses (210) and the number of participants (417).
- Number of cycles within the SCRB is (3) courses and the number of participants is (54) .
- Engineering tests for concrete and asphalt works , thermal paints and traffic signs and preventive fences and reflective materials in accordance with the requirements.
- Establishment of the five-years investment plan (2013 -2017)
- The entry of data concerned with the Iraqi Development Program (bonding program) IDMS for roads and bridges projects within the proposed new investment budget for the year 2013.
- Follow-up delegates reports sent outside Iraq - total number of delegates (120) delegates.

Supervision and follow-up

- total site visits achieved so far = 86 visit.
- Number of initial commission committees and final quantities and final commissioning committees = 37.

- Participation in various other committees = 31 Activity.
- Total reimbursements and its amounts = 500 with an amount of $ 153 billion dinars.
- Number of Quantities final work completed = 90 with an amount of $ 223 billion dinars.
- Number of on-site visits to follow up the work = (100)
- Number of initial receipt committees and final quantities = 90
- Number of final commissioning committees= (50)
- Participation in various committees = (100)
Legal Department
- Number of claims put forward for this Dept.= (21) ,(14) of them suit is settled in favor of the Commission and the ministry and (7) suit has not yet been resolved.
- Been issued orders to withdraw for work (25) contract.
- (71) Warning have been issued to the contractors with bad performance.

Human Resources Department
• 2012 Approval of the authentication.
• The provision of 73 degrees and careers sent to the Ministry for the purpose of assignment.
• Upgrade the staff of the Commission, 300 persons have been upgraded so far.
Financial Department:
• Preparation of final accounts and statements
• Preparing statements balances for the Stores and Inventories.
• Follow-up to the actual expenditures for draft Investment plan , The Annual financial balance and financial implementation percentages.
Internal Auditing Control Department:
• Documentary audit and accounting for all documents by the exchange as well as constraints and verify the implementation and auditing of financial laws and regulations.
• Authentication and audit the final accounts of the Authority.
• Adoption of inventory control system and the introduction of all the materials for the Directorates officinal is system programmed by the Division of Computer and encodes all of the stored materials.
• The adoption of a rewards system which indicates abusers allowable limit.
• Audit the implementation of the anti-bribery measures in the headquarters of the Commission and its departments and make the necessary recommendations to process the missing items using computer.
IT Section:
• ( 29 )Computers were purchased with high-efficiency with accessories to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the work to the headquarters of the Commission and its departments and the preparation of the evidence contained specifications and serial numbers for their parts ..
• Installation of a new Internet network to increase the number of lines by (30) line and is currently working to increase the number of lines to increase the speed at work.
• Maintenance of computers and diagnose and fix the defaults.

Media & Public relations :
• Number of media coverage of the projects in the provinces (49) accompanied by media coverage satellite channels.
• Print folders for the religious visitors and distributed to the provinces (Qadisiyah, Muthanna, Babil, Baghdad) during 40th visit.
• Participate in the Baghdad International Fair and exhibitions held in the provinces.
• Management courses that are held in the provinces.