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German International Cooperation with Iraq
Invitation for Bids
German “Credit Facility to assist the Return of IDP’s” in Iraq

Through engineering and technical staff,...

Through engineering and technical staff, Directorate of roads and bridges in Karbala implement a number of tasks for emergency maintenance of roads and bridges in the province to serve people and t

Through the engineering staff in Karbala, Roads...

Through the engineering staff in Karbala, Roads and bridges directorate completed Ahmed bin Al-Qasim road in the Al-Husseinieh in long of 3 km and at a cost exceeding 762 million dinars.

Engineer Essam Abbas, the general director of...

Engineer Essam Abbas, the general director of roads and bridges directorate, meets with delegation of the World Bank to discuss the implementation of the rehabilitation of Highway NO.1\VII and VIII

Through engineering and technical staff in...

, Through engineering and technical staff in karbala , Roads -and bridges directorate on oversees maintenance Fatima al alzahra road in length 2.75 kilometer of each corridor and in width of 10 met

المدراء العاميين

Item Name Date from Date to Department Ministry
1 J. M. Wilson Jan-21 Nov-25 Public Works Directorate from 1921 to 1957 Works and Communication 1921 – 1931
2 A. S. Clay Nov-25 Jan-32
3 Khalid Sulaiman Jan-32 Mar-35
4 Ahmed Shawqy Al-Husainy Mar-35 Nov-36 Ministry of Economy and Communication 1931 – 1940
5 Tawfeeq Wahby Maroof Nov-36 Feb-38
6 Abdul-Khaleq Hilmy Feb-38 Sep-38
7 Tahseen Ali Sep-38 Apr-39
8 Ahmed Shawqy Al-Husainy Apr-39 Apr-41
9 Jelal Khaled Apr-41 Oct-41 Communication and Works 1940 – 1959
10 Ahmed Shawqy Al-Husainy Oct-41 May-47
11 Ahmed Mukhtar Ibrahim May-46 Augustus 1946
12 Jameel Al-Rawi Augustus 1946 May-47
13 Abdul-Jabbar Al-Chalaby May-47 Dec-47
14 Fakhr Al-Deen Jameel Al-Fakhry Dec-47 May-52
15 Ahmed Mukhtar Ibrahim May-52 Feb-54
16 Hazem Nameq Feb-54 Oct-57 General Directorate of Roads and Bridges
17 Ameen Hamza Dec-57 Apr-60 Communication 1959 – 1966
18 Abdul-Nafi’ Abdul-Mawjood Nissan 1960 Dec-69 Municipalities and Works 1966 – 1968
19 Hany Ameen Al-Shareef Jan-70 Sep-76
20 Abdul-Wahab Abdul-Lateef Al-Mufty Sep-76 Dec-84 State Organization of Roads and Bridges from 1976 – 1987 Works and Housing 1968 – 1977
21 Farouq Abdul-Qader Abdul-Rahman Jan-84 Jul-88
22 Adnan Ahmed Madhloom Jul-88 1996 State Board for Roads and Bridges from 1988 Housing and Construction from 1977
23 Qasim Awad Jasim 1996 1998
24 Hussein Yousif Muhaimeed 1998 2000
25 Adnan Ahmed Madhloom 2000 2001
26 Mustafa Abdul-Rahman Mustafa 2001 2005
27 Sabeeh Ali Jary 2005 2010
28 Behzad Ramadhan Abdul-Kareem (Acting) 2010 2011
29 Sameer Ibrahim Bashqa 2011 2013
30 Issam Abbas Mehdy 2013 Until present