Through engineering and technical staff,...

Through engineering and technical staff, Directorate of roads and bridges in Karbala implement a number of tasks for emergency maintenance of roads and bridges in the province to serve people and t

Through the engineering staff in Karbala, Roads...

Through the engineering staff in Karbala, Roads and bridges directorate completed Ahmed bin Al-Qasim road in the Al-Husseinieh in long of 3 km and at a cost exceeding 762 million dinars.

Engineer Essam Abbas, the general director of...

Engineer Essam Abbas, the general director of roads and bridges directorate, meets with delegation of the World Bank to discuss the implementation of the rehabilitation of Highway NO.1\VII and VIII

Through engineering and technical staff in...

, Through engineering and technical staff in karbala , Roads -and bridges directorate on oversees maintenance Fatima al alzahra road in length 2.75 kilometer of each corridor and in width of 10 met

Minister of Construction and Housing and public...

Minister of Construction and Housing and public Municipalities Tariq AL-kikhany opened two bridges in province of Al-muthanna.

Minister of Construction and Housing and public...

Minister of Construction and Housing and public Municipalities Tareq Al-khaykanee signed a contract to rehabilitate the highway project road no. 8 from World Bank.

Tender No ( 4 / 2014)

Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing
Advertising of Tender No ( 4 / 2014)
State Corporation for Roads and Bridges advertising the tender of

Maintenance of Safwan/UmQasir Road of 17 KM .lenght theSection From the End of Safwan Interchange Approach up to the Intersection With the linking road
in Basrah Governorate
Under the classification of (9/1/17) of investment plan/ Estimation cost(2 815 000 000)ID

Specialist and experienced companies and contractors, classified not less than the ( fifth ) degree by the Ministry of Planning, who wish to participate in the a.m. tender have to approach the State Corporation for Roads and Bridges center in( Baghdad /Karadat Mariam /infront of AlRasheed Hotel) to obtain the tender documents(according to the original copy of their constructional classification card ) after paying unrefundable amount of( 75 000) ID ( seventy five thousand Iraqi Dinar) provided that the following documents as well as the bid should be submitted inside a closed and sealed envelope fixed on it the signature and the name , number and the closing date of the tender and handed to the secretary of tender opening committee in the SCRB center.
SCRB shall not be obliged to accept the lowest bid . The one whom the tender will be awarded shall bear the advertising fees . No reservation submitted by the bidder contradicts the advertisement and resulting additional costs shall be accepted.
The closing date to obtain the tender documents is 12 .0 noon of 16 / 2 / 2014 and the closing date for submitting the bid (tender opening date ) is 12.0 noon of 17 / 2 /2014.
The bidders can present the tender opening session held in the SCRB center at the A.M. time.

The documents should be submitted with the bid ;-
1- A valid copy of classification card issued by Ministry of planning
2- A valid copy of contractor union card .
3- A valid copy of company foundation certificate and contractor professional practicing certificate
4-The original clearance letter issued by the State Corporation of Taxes addressed to SCRB
5- A list of similar works executed by the contractor or the company confirmed by concerned authorities .
6- - A list of plants and equipments (confirmed by the concerned authorities ) the bider specialized technical staff .using modern equipments in executing roads and bridges as well as the using of modern spreaders consisting of sensors to insure safe rolling and leveling .
7- The last three years calculations approved by a legal accountant as well as the last calculations that include expenses and revenues of the similar works submitted by the contractor.
8- A documents confirms that the contractor or the company has an asphalt factory .
9-An authentic cheque or a letter of guaranttee with the total amount of the preliminary deposit of (1%) of the bid amount issued by an approved bank in Iraq addressed to the SCRB valid for a period of three months otherwise the bid shall be neglected taking in to consideration that the amount of an authentic Cheque issued by an approved local bank should not exceed (25 000 000 ) I.D (twenty five million Iraqi dinar) according to the instructions and conditions to the tender documents
10- The voucher of receiving the tender documents
11- Joint venture contract (if there is a partner) authenticated by a notary public
12- The bidders should submit a price analyzing for each item of their bid bill of quantities to be studied through the analyzing of tenders .
13- An Accommodation card .
14- A bank statement till 31/12/2013 confirmed and sealed by the bank
The Website of SCRB is
The Email of tenders and contracts section is

For Director General

Issam Abbas Mahdi